Contract Negotiation, Development and Management

Traditionally, small to medium sized biotech firms have often struggled to develop sound contractual agreements with established CMOs.  Understandably, smaller firms are frequently wrapped up in the technical minutia of their process development work, and they sometimes lack the differing skill set necessary to successfully negotiate a sound CMO contract that truly benefits all parties.  To insure that this critical component of the production process is carried out effectively, Compass has developed a set of detailed guidelines that will enable the contractual relationship between the biotech and the CMO to start and end on solid footing.

Compass will:

  • work closely with the biotech and CMO in writing the initial contracts, which will include all the necessary procedures and tools for resourceful management of the entire production process.  Compass works from several pre-formulated templates that help to expedite these agreements;

  • implement “Best Practices” procedures, tailored to a specific production process, to be included in the contract and employed at all times;

  • negotiate and construct all related partnership agreements and corporate governance documents, which may include bylaws, charters, and management’s code of conduct during the term of the contract;

  • construct confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements between all parties, as well as Master Service Agreements to indemnify the entire process development platform;

  • negotiate change orders and revise budgets during all phases of the contract.
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