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At Compass Biotechnology, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your own team, adding value and expertise as colleagues working together with our clients to solve complex and difficult problems.
Chuck Olson Compass Biotech
Chuck Olson
  • A biotech R&D and manufacturing professional with 27 years of experience resulting in a broad scientific and operational understanding of plasma, recombinant protein, virus and cell based products, via the drug development, approval and commercialization process;

  • Experienced in both startup and established companies, having significant success helping companies in transition from pre-clinical to clinical production, and from clinical manufacturing to commercial operation; resolving critical technical and systems related obstacles;

  • Accomplished with drafting the CMC section of multiple US and international regulatory submissions (IND, BLA, CTD, etc) and the regulatory approval process;

  • On a frequent basis has worked in helping small to medium sized biotech firms bridge the sometimes large gaps between the goals of the CMO and the biotech firm, assisting in various aspects of the business development process.


Doug Olson
  • Doug has more than 15 years of experience in contract negotiation, contract management, and equity financing;

  • Managed several start-up ventures, from initial funding to contract negotiation, on through to project and property management on the back end.  Managed/ overseen 40-50 personnel on a regular basis, including full accounting and office management staffs;

  • Constructs and manages non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements;

  • Negotiates, constructs and manages partnership agreements and corporate governance documents;

  • Negotiates and constructs change orders and budget revisions;

  • Raised tens of millions of dollars in equity for a variety of speculation ventures, and has long term relationships with dozens of high net worth investors, institutions, and venture capital firms.
Doug Olson Compass Biotech
Compass Biotechnology Stuart
Stuart Gallant, MD, PhD
  • Received his Doctor of Medicine, University of California Davis, Sacramento, California;

  • Received his PhD in Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York;

  • Broad medical and scientific background. Peer reviewed scientific publications in the fields of protein binding to charged surfaces, protein interactions with metal ions, viral purification techniques, and viral dynamics;

  • Has led purification process development teams in development, validation, and technology transfer for recombinant protein and viral products;

  • Experience with viral production techniques, as well as with viral removal techniques and viral clearance validation;

  • Directory-level management experience, having overseen seven figure annual budgets on a regular basis. Also experienced with RFPs and capital acquisitions.
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